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We know that you have some doubts, here is a compilation of the doubts that some users have asked us.
If you have a question that does not appear in this section, please send us an e-mail to Thank you!

When will I receive my order?

Orders are divided into zones. Check your area here

Can I shop if I don't have a membership?

Sure! You can buy with or without a membership. The difference is that with Kuxtal Market’s VIP membership you get several benefits such as: Gifts, recipes, exclusive discounts and FREE shipping.

What if I placed my order and within a few hours I realize that I forgot to add something to my cart? Can I place another order and receive it in the same order?

The answer is yes! Our orders are delivered on different days and by areas, this to reduce the use of vehicles and make shipments to the same area in a single day. For this reason, this gives you the opportunity to add more products once you have checked out and paid your account, and receive them in the same shipment at NO EXTRA COST.

How does Kuxtal Market work? What is the process to shop?

Step 1: Acquire your Kuxtal membership to receive free shipping and all our exclusive benefits and discounts, if you do not want a membership, skip this step and you will pay $ 79 per delivery.
Step 2: Select your favourite products and pay at the checkout.
Step 3: Receive your eco friendly groceries your front door on the corresponding day! ūüôĆūüŹľ


Do you have wholesale prices?

Yes, send an email to


I bought my membership but they still charge me shipping costs.

Be sure to log into your account before adding items to your cart to avoid being charged for shipping.

If you have any questions that are not resolved here,
please send us an email to