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SECHIALLY introduced a wide variety of healthy products to the Mexican market, which can be purchased in bulk. They currently work with certified Super Foods, both the process and the product. With the passage of time inSECHIALLY they have cas an objective to incorporate newSuper Foods on the marketMexican,All this is done with the purpose of obtaining benefits for our health and emphasizing good nutrition.

They are currentlydeveloping direct by-products from the field, all this in a natural way, conserving the same nutrients and obtaining the best results, since one of its purposes is to offer you the best product on the market with an unmatched quality. Every time a client purchases their superfoods, they support different communities in the region,generating work for many families, this is reflected in the quality of the product, since the principles,ethics andgood practices of their allies, they are veryimportant at the time of delivering each product. As a responsible and innovative company they are totally sure that they are your best option, since with them you will find the best treatment and attention that you need, conducting business of mutual benefit,alsoyou can be sure of theprocesses, Since the company is in charge of controlling the cultivation process, ensuring that the product is not damaged and following atraceability verystrict at a professional level,Getting quality Super Foods and obtaining the true flavor and freshness of the field.


Legume grains of the Cicer arietinum L family. Size varies between 6 and 15 mm, the grains are subjected to a cooking test as a quality specification.