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Family Kuxtal

Our mission

We are on a mission to change the way people buy food. We are creating a fair trade market, connecting our clients directly with local farmers, artisans and entrepreneurs. We believe that the way we buy our food today does more harm than good. It's not just about eating healthy food, it's about knowing where the food comes from, who grew it, and what was sprayed on it.

It may sound harsh, but the way we buy our food is a big part of the climate crisis. We came here to disrupt the market and change things. Together we will make a difference, one small change at a time.


We take the phrase "the customer is always right" very seriously. Our delivery system allows us to source only the freshest available.

Our goal is to bring you only the best, which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever dissatisfied, we will refund your money or exchange your product.


We have mentioned that we believe in sustainability, we work with partners that have organic certificates, but we do not limit ourselves to this standard. We believe that we can achieve the same results with agroecological agricultural practices. We are working towards being a completely pesticide free supermarket.

We also strongly feel that a world without plastic is a better world. We research companies with similar values ​​and demand that they sell us their products in sustainable packaging or even better without packaging!

With that said, occasionally a product may come with a plastic cap or wrapper, we appreciate your understanding that we are doing everything we can to eliminate plastics.

Our motto is #FuckPlastic

That's right, we strive to be a super plastic-free! Well, the most important thing for us is to reduce the pollution that is killing our planet. Our values ​​go hand in hand with creating fair trade with farmers, ranchers and producers.

We truly believe that small daily changes can transform into massive change.

Welcome to Kuxtal Market!